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SIMON — Christian.


2021 — ∞

Believer in CHRIST

At 9, during the 90s at school, I learnt a brand new word on a stray book. One day, I used it and the teacher denied that word. Following stupidly their leader, 97% of kids booed me! First time that I felt a such unfair pressure however I did not lose heart providing her the written proof. Therefore in front of the kids, she had to admit that she ignored it… Since then, my top pripority in life has remained the TRUTH

Looking for the truth into a such dark society is not easy…


In 2021, after the recording of the DJ mix « IT IS THE TIME TO ERASE THEIR INFILTRATED CHAOS INTO OUR MINDS TO LET IN A POSITIVE ENERGY », I started to work on a new one entitled « NEW WAVE OF DUMBING-DOWN » focused in the Coronavirus treatments. I was wondering why should we follow the deceptive methods from politics when we know they lead us in an bad way? While the selection of the closing track, I recieved an unexpected personnal sign from GOD

I / The Transcendance
Since the 90s, I have been deeply loyal to the Truth. I still continue to reach & spread the Truth as my main priority. For this thinking, the current world threw me out. For 30 years, I didn’t realized that I have been connected to something higher. After the trouble of the decepetive 2019-2021 pandemic period, in November 2021 (at 38), into my room, I received an unexpected sign that I succeed to get.

II / The Spirit of Truth
Therefore I had the revelation: By putting always the Truth above everything, I recognized there is a pure & absolute above everything. Full of tears, I recognized GOD as the absolute Truth, the ultimate answer. Alleluia! I realized also that in fact GOD via his Son’s SPIRIT touched me in the past especially when he gave me a spritual gift. After some learnings via the Bible, I accepted the name of JESUS CHRIST in my heart and after at church (05/01/2022)

III / The Repentance to the Redemption
I repent for my past life without take care to GOD. By the year of my birth, the economic system reduceed to belong to the economic group named the « sacrificed generation ». However thanks to GOD, by my growing faith, I could belong to the save souls if his son JESUS would confirm the new-me into his upcoming celestial world… AMEN!

When I received the revelation from God about his existence I did not know what to do then. As a kid, I was interested in learning about JESUS. So I tried the Catholic Church and I was disappointed. My future-wife who believes went to an Evangelic Church therefore I followed her. However I did not feel everything was right… Then, I started to learn more than ever by reading again & again the Bible. The SPIRIT OF TRUTH guide me into the word and I had many revelations as everyone who are really searching will have. [Jude 1:3]

My heart go to GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT [John 14:16-17]. I am not religious, not affiliated in one human organization, with my authentic brothers I am faithfully waiting for the Celestial Church [Apocalypse 7:9]. Until this event, I go to unperfected Christian Churches nevertheless, it’s more important for me to share my faith in JESUS to the people who need it into the world

[Matt. 5:44-45]

A year after my revelation, thanks to my growing faith in JESUS I didn’t feel the need of that cathartic activity. So, I have stopped to mix and to listen to music… I feel the Peace in Christ!


The first answers are in the Holy BIBLE!
The second are in the prayers…