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Born in France, under the rain at Lille. By year of birth, I belong to the economic social group named « the millennials » better known as « the sacrificed generation »

Thanks to my parents, I could be seen as creative-born. I cultivate an artistic mind and I need to express myself freely as much it is still possible. My artistic ultimate goal will be to direct at least one Film


At 5, everyday, after 6pm at school, I was waiting for my mom to get back home. The monitor forced the kids to watch TV. One of the TV shows was the Original Horror series entitled “V” that is the best speaking about the RESISTANCE

Trauma II.

At 9, in the 90s at school (again), I learnt a brand new word on a stray book. One day, I used it and the teacher denied that word. Following stupidly their leader, 97% of kids booed me!

First time that I felt a such unfair pressure however I did not lose heart providing her the written proof. Therefore in front of the kids, she had to admit that she ignored it… Since then, my top pripority in life has remained the TRUTH

Early Beginning?


In 98, I wanted to mix some music as a DJ. However I have never success to afford those expansive vinyls & decks therefore in 99 I practiced an other activity related to Hip-Hop but more essentially free: GRAFFITI WRITING


Officialy in 1999
[in Lille]

I started at 15 however I have been drawing since my 3-years old. My activities were:

Graffiti Writing.
1999 — 2011

Passionated by the letters, I made serveal styles of Graffitis mainly on large fresques

Graphic Design.
2003 — 2012

I designed some free personnal visuals by infusing some Graffiti elements

In order to get more free time to paint, I took my chance to work as a Art Director & Graphic Designer in Freelance

World Wild Web.

I discovered & enjoyed internet 1.0. in 1999. In High-School, I studied the Graphic Design from 2001 to 2003. To share my projects, I started to create my own websites in 2005 (Via ADSL Technology & FLASH Software)

I totally disapprove the current WEB 2.0. and the upcoming META Version including all the surveillance related


No copycat!
I don’t need to copy other to create. The non-sense society inspires me…

The music had a major impact also:

1997 — 2007: HIP-HOP Culture
2003 — 2008: TRIP-HOP & UK-Musics
2008 — 2014: ELECTRO Culture
2012 — 2022: TECHNO Music
2018 — 2022: HARDCORE TECHNO

I have been also impressed by the CYBERPUNK Culture and the UNDERGROUND Cinema.

My humour came mainly from the reading of belgian cartoon drawn & written by GOTLIB…


Graffiti Crew.
2002 — 2005

My production made a little impression, I was recruited in 2002 in a big local Graffiti crew

Creative Studio
2007 — 2012

After some promising years in freelance, I opened my own Creative Studio in 2007

Electro Music Project.
2008 — 2014

Bored by the slowness of my area, I co-created a music crew to make some Events & a Blog

My highlight period was 2002 to 2009


You can find the entire stories behind these projects:



I use many aliases in coherence with genre I do (or did) although at the end of the day my name remains SIMON.
Discover the Aliases list: Here


Opressed by the recession and some theeth problems, I shut down my Graphic Studio in 2011-12. As 80% of my friends had already done, I thought about get out of France (In England). In contrast to them, I hope I could dot it without having the budget for…

Missing in Action.

2012 — 2019

I had to save my life. Therefore, as what they called a « Boomerang kid », I could not allow myself to take some time to design any of my personnal ideas. I even had to stop definitely to make Graffiti in 2011. I felt lost

My artistic silent period persisted for seven painful years

In that tunnel period whitout drawing, I started to make some music playlists in order to mix them in a better tomorrow. Influenced by their storytelling, I began also to write many scenarii

In 2015, I quit my hometown LILLE for an other slowness & darkness town named PARIS where I still survive

Work Retirement.

Art Director & Graphic Designer

When I was looking for joining any agency, I stayed mainly unemployed. Did my profesionnal book has no effect on the market!?

In fact, the recruiters prefered exploited any young talentless personn for the lower salary in accordance with the orders coming from stock echange… (Read more about: HERE)

One more major economic crisis came throught the Coronavirus. The designer work became impossible. Therefore, I was forced to retire in 2020; at 37…

I will never work again in this sector or in any digitized profession.

Hey Garçon.

Then I have been always waiting for a job therefore I became a waiter (in restaurant). In that hard work experience, I found my future-wife!
Hey Lady.

Butterfly Effect.

It is quite sad to say, if you suffer too much you are not able to product.
When you suffer less but subtencially, you will improve your creative skills


in late 2019

I knew work as a creative was over. Whatever I will do, I am finally a prisonner to the worldwide « sacrificed generation »…

Indeed, the sytsem did succed to disturb my destiny. Therefore as a throwback, I started some brand new projects and I have so much to say!

Underground Again.

Hardcore since 1999

Currently, the Truth can be only spread in the alternative scene nethertheless I speak to everyone

Artistic Comeback.

Officialy in 2020
[in Paris]


Creative Mind.

Designing free & committed Visuals


Creative Activist.

Protesting against the RFID chip
(the anticipated subcutaneous)


Techno DJ.

Mixing Underground music as a catharsis


Storyteller — Writer.
Since 2012

I have never stopped to write stories Scennarii, Novels

Get the stories behind these new projects:


Interconnections and Cycles between
Past & Present


Since 2019 I have been very productive with my new projects just in case I will be forced to stop again…

New Website.

Since May 2021

Watch the portfolios:
or keep reading

New Motto.

When I made Graffiti my motto was:


Now the motto for my Comeback is:



Examples about COVID-19

*New Wave Of Dumbing-Down.

To the french puppet-president who said:
« We are in war! Well in a health war… »

— SIMON SAYS NO TO: The PROPAGENDA in order to force the population people to be vaccinated with an unfinished antidote

— SIMON SAYS NO TO: The forbidden accesses via the QR CODE & all kind of tracing process. Therefore Simon says No CODE

So what

about work?
In that corrupted world, I had to work by myself to survive. So, in 2021, I decided to become a crafstman: an Indoor & Outdoor painter

Watch the website: HERE


In November 2021

I / The Transcendance
Since the 90s, I have been rejected Hypocrisies & the Lies as much I noticed them. For this approach, the current system threw me out. I still continue to reach & spread the Truth as my main priority. After the trouble of the decepetive 2019-2021 pandemic period, in mid of November 2021, at 38 years old, into my room, I received an unexpected revelation that I succeed to get.

My Life-Changing Revelation was : To value always the Truth above everything, I recognized there is a pure & absolute above us. Full of tears, I recognized GOD as the absolute TRUTH, the ultimate answer. Alleluia! At that moment, I did not realize, through the *HOLY SPIRIT, I was living the Unconditional Election, the Grace to be saved. Looking for answers about the Coronavirus politic treatments, GOD removed my eyes to that deceptive society to redirect to the humans lack of interest in JESUS. Some months later, I started to read the Bible to understand, I recognized the GOD’s Son named JESUS CHRIST as my Lord, in my heart and after at church

III / The Repentance to the Redemption
I repent for my past life without take care to GOD. Here is the beginning of my Journey of Faith. By my birth year, the economic system reduceed to belong to the economic group named « The Y. the sacrificed generation ». However thanks to GOD, by my growing Faith, I could belong to the Saved Souls if JESUS CHRIST, The Resurrected would confirm the New-me into his upcoming celestial world…

A & Ω


My heart & my prayers To GOD as one unique SPIRT named the Father YAHWEW (The Alpha) as the Son JESUS CHRIST (The Omega) as the HOLY SPIRIT.
[John 14:16-17]

Read more about my effective
conversion :

Post Scriptum.

No religion!
I am not religious, not affiliated in an human organization. With my Chrisitian brothers, I am faithfully waiting for The Celestial Church [Apocalypse 7:9]. It’s important for me to share the Word and my Faith in JESUS CHRIST to the people outside who need to issue from this perishing world and to heard about the Saviour

So believe me or not
all the answers are
the BIBLE ➔

[JUDE 1:3]


According to my spiritual repentance, I change my way to think, talk and walk

New Direction.

Chess & Math

The iconics fake-Queen ELIZABETH II and the real-Punk Jean-Luc GODARD died respectively

…so what’s up now?
I ended these activities

Storyteller — Writer.
2012 — 2022

According to my believe, I couldn’t really made a committed film in total opposition with the enemy because I wouldn’t interfere in the GOD’s plan about the Apocalyptic Prophecy

2019 — 2022

Same reasons than the previous activity

Techno DJ.
2020 — 2023

While the selection of the closing track for the « NEW WAVE OF DUMBING-DOWN » MIX, I recieved an unexpected Sign from GOD. After this Revelation, my Faith continues to grow & I don’t feel the need of that cathartic activity

To date, I still continue to create as SIMON (and also via my Artwork)

Peace in CHRIST!


Old, new & next projects



Time to Watch TV