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2020 – 2023

SERA VOCERA was my Techno-DJ alias

Since 1998, I have wanted to mix music as a DJ. However I failed because I have never success to afford those expansive vinyls & real decks (at that time digital democratization was not there).
Therefore, I became a Writer painting Graffitis from 1999 to 2011 under the alias KAWSE.

From 2008 to 2014, I studied the underground music scenes during the time I co-run an Electro music blog. In 2012, I was strugling in France and I had only time for listening music. Then I started to make some playlists with the idea to mix them in a better tomorrow. Influenced by the stories of my playlists, I began also to write many scenarii.

Accumulating many tracklists and few anticipated covers, I didn’t have time to be focused in mixing until the COVID-19 lockdown have been sadly announced…

In Sept. 2020, under the alias SERA VOCERA, I released my debut mix entitled « NO SILENCE ANYMORE ». Since music had became my outlet for my temper: Ihad more interested in the emergency to express something than producing any clean & hype mix. Therefore my mixes work as a catarsis purging the madness germs provided by the society.

For the mixes my motto is

I produced monthly one or serval intense & unpolished DJ mixes focused mainly in a no non-sense social topic. The others mixes were made in order to enjoy an hard dance. For each ones, I designed the covers & select raw tunes produced by the underground Techno scene.

*New Wave Of Dumbing-Down.

In 2021, after the recording of the mix « IT IS THE TIME TO ERASE THEIR INFILTRATED CHAOS INTO OUR MINDS TO LET IN A POSITIVE ENERGY », I started to work on a new one entitled « NEW WAVE OF DUMBING-DOWN » focused in the Coronavirus treatments. I was wondering why should we follow the deceptive orders from politics when we know they lead us in an bad way? While the selection of the closing track, I recieved an unexpected Sign & Revelation from GOD that made me believe truly in him. A year later, thanks to my growing faith in JESUS I don’t feel anymore the need of that cathartic activity. NO ANGER ANYMORE! So, I stopped to mix & to listen music…


SERA VOCERA was an anticipated dream project with which I have never succeed to reach an audience however I did meet JESUS. Alleluia!

2020 — 2023

All the mixes collection features on the site: HERE